2016 : A Year In Review and Goals for 2017

Hi friends! I’ve let a month go by since my last post (sorry about that!) but I wanted to end 2016 on a high note. In the midst of the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, I sometimes feel like I am barely keeping it together between work, social events and making sure I have a present for each of my loved ones. The only thing keeping me sane this time of year is a good morning run to clear my head! Or evening run if I’ve been particularly busy.

Despite the craziness, this time of year I find myself reflecting on all that I’ve accomplished throughout the year.

2016 Fitness Accomplishments

1. Train and run a half marathon : DONE

My first big race was the 2016 Disney Princess Half Marathon in February. I had set a goal to finish, and to ideally finish the race in under two hours and 30 minutes. I not only finished, my time was 2:26:22. I jumped for joy and signed up for another runDisney race as soon as I could!

Me: Top Right! First Half Marathon in the books! Princess Half 2016

2. Train and run another half marathon with an improved time: DONE

After Princess, I decided I wanted to try the Wine and Dine Half Marathon. Mercifully, it became a morning race (I couldn’t imagine running around at midnight but it wasn’t going to stop me from signing up!) Training in the summer was definitely a challenge, as I am a particularly sweaty runner, but I did it! And shaved off a good minute of my time with 2:25:04. I hope to get even faster as my relationship with running continues to grow.

I LOVE that runDisney is using PhotoPass for its races now! The quality of images is amazing! Capturing the good, the bad, and the sweaty.

3. Sign up for a runDisney challenge race: DONE

In the summer I signed up for the 2017 Glass Slipper Challenge during the 2017 Disney Princess Half Marathon Weekend: The Enchanted 10K and the Princess Half. I cannot wait! Training is underway and boy do I prefer winter training- yes, even in the snow!

YAY! 2017 Disney Princess Half Marathon Weekend: 2017 Glass Slipper Challenge! [$$$]

It’s been an amazing year. Through my running journey I feel proud of myself, I now know what my body is capable of doing, and I will continue to put my mental and physical energy to the test.

That said, in thinking about my goals for 2017, I have three that I hope to accomplish before the year is up:

2017 Goals:

1. Finish the 2017 Glass Slipper Challenge: complete the Enchanted 10K on Saturday 2/25 and the Princess Half on 2/26.

2. DO.MORE.STRENGTH.TRAINING. Okay, I’ll admit. I don’t do nearly enough strength training. But it’s a work in progress! I’m a little intimidated by it, but I keep hand weights at home and pin a bunch of workouts so this is the year!

3. Sign up and train for a 2018 marathon: Yes, I believe it’s time. Once I have three half marathons under my belt, including a challenge, I will feel mentally and emotionally ready.

What are YOU proud of in 2016? And what are YOUR goals for 2017? Remember “nothing significant in life is ever accomplished alone.” Let’s do this together!

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