I’m running the 2018 Chicago Marathon!


Something in me told me to apply for the 2018 Chicago Marathon. I haven’t even completed/attempted my first marathon, and yet I was drawn to the idea that Chicago would be my next big race. I know what you’re thinking right now, “You’re Will Run for Disney! Not Will Run for Chicago!” Well, with Disneyland races on hiatus, and my 2018 plans to consider a coast-to-coast put aside, I wanted to check an Abbott World Major marathon off my list.

Once upon a time, I almost moved to Chicago. I was enchanted by the city, and it’s cleanliness, friendly people, and unbelievably delicious food. I was taking a giant leap for someone I thought would be a part of my life for a long time. Yes, I went about things the wrong way, but ignored the red flags. I felt moving to Chicago was part of my destiny, and had a feeling that Chicago would welcome me with open arms.

Several weeks before I was set to move, my relationship ended. I was left heartbroken and picking up the pieces of my life. I forged on. I ran it off, but I never returned to Chicago.

I’ve wanted to run a marathon for a while now, and have been building up years of training and mileage to prepare. I will be running the Walt Disney World Marathon in January, and have a sneaking suspicion I will be hooked on that finish line feeling. I registered for Chicago knowing that I was ready to go back to the city I enjoyed- and to do it for the first time for me. And now that I feel my life path has taken me to where I belong, I can’t wait to share this city with the true love of my life.

It’s time to go back to Chicago and reclaim my relationship with the Windy City! 

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