2018 Wine & Dine Half Marathon Weekend Medals REVEALED!


They’re here! runDisney announced the suite of 2018 Wine & Dine Half Marathon Weekend medals this morning. Check them out!

Kids Races feature Remy and Linguini from Ratatouille (so cute!)


The Fall Feast 5K medal features Lady & The Tramp, and the Wine & Dine 10K features Chef Louie and Sebastian from The Little Mermaid:

The Wine & Dine Half Marathon has classic Chef (running) Mickey, and the Two Course Challenge is Cogsworth and Lumiere from Beauty & The Beast!


And I am in love with each of these medals. I’m so glad I sprang for the Two Course Challenge! Are you participating in Wine & Dine Half Marathon weekend? Can’t wait! Hope to see you there.


For now, we train!

Gina / Will Run For Disney


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