Chicago Marathon Training Pt IV

Credit: Tastes of Chicago


Confession: I did not complete my full training week this past week. I thought more about this hot dog than I did about running, to be completely honest.

In fact, I didn’t do the most important run of the week: my long run on Saturday. Instead, I flew to Virginia to spend time with Tommy’s family. I enjoyed myself (perhaps a little too much!) and came home in the early evening last night.

Does reading the August Runner’s World Magazine
while drinking grapefruit sangria in the airport count?


Did I feel guilty? Yes, a little. Did I feel guilty that I didn’t feel guilty enough? Yeah. But guess what? It’s the summertime, and we only have so many weekends to enjoy ourselves. I love running, and I know that to make and achieve goals you need to work hard, but I also need balance. I’m not willing to make sacrifices ALL the time. Maybe that’s why I don’t hit the times I want. But at the end of the day, I don’t want to give up my love of running, or worse, become resentful of it. 

So I will continue to be an imperfect runner. And that’s okay. If you can relate, raise those hands high, or better yet, comment below.

This week, I plan on leaning in and working hard, completely every run and catching up to my mileage, with a 16 mile run on Saturday. Tomorrow is another day!

-Gina / Will Run for Disney

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