WDW Marathon Training Update

We’re 8 weeks away from WDW Marathon Weekend and are at a crucial point in our training! Days are getting shorter, temperatures are dropping, and the holidays are right around the corner. Not to fear, friends! We CAN do it all! Now more than ever we need to be strategic about planning for the week and taking things one day at a time. This past week I balanced work and social commitments, and still felt like I had plenty of time to train. Here’s what my week looked like:

WDW Training Week
November 6 -November 12, 2017

Monday: Power Stryde (3 miles + strength) Having missed last week’s MyStryde treadmill class (while being in WDW) I definitely felt tired but I still worked hard. I always leave that class feeling fulfilled and glad I went.

Tuesday: Rest. I’m scheduled to take my rest day on Thursdays but I just couldn’t bring myself to run Tuesday night so I swapped. I was tired, and it was very cold and dark. Instead I went home, took a hot shower, put on my pajamas, made a big batch of fried rice, and knew I had made the right decision.

Wednesday: Stryde (4 miles). Speedwork at the treadmill studio. I’d like to think I am getting faster but sometimes I’m not convinced a 4 mile speedy class translates to a long distance run. At the very least I feel like I’m building mental stamina trying to keep up with the workout. Maybe I’ll reap the benefits on race day!

MyStryde Studio, Boston MA

Thursday: 5 miles. I was scheduled to help out at a work event later that evening and knew I had to get my run in before work. Boy was it cold.

First official frost of the season! It felt great to be out and watch the sunset. Everything looks more magical with a dusting of frost.

Friday: strength training: barre class. I love starting my Friday early morning before work with barre! I feel strong, flexible, and I walk out with a glow to round out my last day of the work week. Plus, I get to go home and enjoy my entire night (at home, usually in my pajamas, while Tommy and I order pizza – my favorite pre-long run meal!)

Saturday: 16 miles. I put out all of my clothes, fuel, and breakfast out the night before so I could easily “get out of bed, and onto the floor, into my clothes and out the door!” And then I looked at my weather.com app. “24 degrees/ high of 28” and then I scrolled down further – FEELS LIKE 11. Oh boy. I wore a fleece headband, fleece gaiter, and fleece gloves and stepped out into the cold morning. I took a new route for the first 7 miles so I could finish on my favorite “home stretch.” It was cold, but it kept me moving! I certainly wasn’t feeling fast but at those distances for me it’s more about getting it done. I was so thrilled to check this run off as done!

Sunday: Rest. And do four loads of laundry. At least it keeps me moving!

In the spirit of November and giving thanks, let’s all take a moment to thank our family and friends for being patient with us while we train, and our minds and bodies for giving us the strength to go out and pursue our dreams of becoming marathoners. Have a great week this week, everyone, and see you next Sunday!

Until next time- Happy Training!
Gina / Will Run for Disney

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