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Hi friends! The fall runDisney calendar is coming up! Are you thinking about your first runDisney race? Or maybe you’ve participated in a race and want to make that next step up in distance? Here’s everything you need to know for the next couple of months as you prepare for your magical racecation:


As a reminder, here are the registration dates to keep in mind:


runDisney 2018-2019 Schedule


Registration for the July and August 5Ks are still available for this year’s INCREDIBLE  runDisney Virtual Running Shorts Series! Available to International participants, too!

June 1 – August 31, 2018

The Disneyland Paris Magic Run Weekend underwent a bit of a brand overhaul, formerly known as the “Disneyland Paris Half Marathon Weekend”. This year’s race weekend theme is Disney Villains, as seen in the gorgeous medal suite below:

The Magic Run Weekend revamped their Challenge names and opportunities. No longer called the Bibbidi-Bobbidi Boo Challenge, the race weekend offers Kids Races, a 5K, 10K, Half Marathon, a 31K (10K+Half), and a 36K (5K, 10K, and Half). The Castle to Chateau Challenge is still available. To register, visit

As of now, the Kids Races, 5K, and 36K are sold out. Be sure to fill out your race waivers and medical clearance with your physician BEFORE you arrive. Visit the website to learn more.

Disneyland Paris Magic Run Weekend 10K, Half Marathon, and 31K are available

September 21 – 23, 2018

Registration for the 2018 Disney’s Wine & Dine Half Marathon Weekend Presented by MISFIT is OPEN and we are less than 100 days away! Only Kids Race Dashes and ChEAR packages remain.

Medals for race weekend have not yet been announced, but based on some of the emails and registration page, I LOVE this year’s design scheme. Chef Mickey in Tuscany is lovely!

Last year’s theme was in celebration of Epcot’s 35th anniversary. We know the themes of each of this year’s races according to the runDisney website: the Fall Feast 5K will be hosted by Chef Tony from “Lady and the Tramp”, the Wine & Dine 10K will be hosted by Chef Louis and Sebastian from “The Little Mermaid”, Chef Mickey is the traditional host for the Half Marathon, and the Two Course Challenge will once again be hosted by Lumiere (2016 inaugural).

Stay tuned for medal updates!

2018 Wine & Dine Half Marathon Weekend | November 1-4, 2018
Disney Two Course Challenge, Kids Races Dashes, ChEAR Packages available
Proof of Time must be submitted by July 31, 2018

Start the New Year off right: with a Star Wars Virtual Half Marathon! Back again this year, this your opportunity to experience a virtual half marathon in the middle of winter as you train for your Star Wars Rival Run Weekend. If you register and participate in both events, you will earn that coveted Kessel Run Challenge medal! Registration opens August 28.

2019 Star Wars Virtual Half Marathon | January 3-March 31, 2019
Registration will open on August 28, 2018


Registration officially opened last week for the 2019 Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend – Presented by Cigna! Based on the new system, things went well (relatively). Pre-registration began on Tuesday for AP/DVC/GO members, and general registration took place on Thursday. As of right now, the 10K and 5K are sold out.

This year’s event graphics are a bit more cartoon-y than in year’s past. What do you think? They’re a little intense for me! :

Stay tuned for medal announcements!

2019 Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend | January 9-13, 2019
WDW Half Marathon, Marathon, Goofy’s Race and a Half Challenge, Dopey Challenge, Kids Races still available
Proof of Time must be submitted by October 9, 2018

Calling all Princesses! The 11th annual Disney Princess Half Marathon Weekend – Presented by Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals will be held February 21-24, 2019. General registration will begin on August 7 12PM EST/9AM PT.

2019 Disney Princess Half Marathon Weekend | February 21-24, 2019
General Registration Tuesday August 7, 2018

Are you Team Light Side or Team Dark Side? Earlier this year, runDisney announced the branding overhaul of the Dark Side Challenge (and lack of Disneyland Light Side Challenge), by creating the Star Wars Rival Run Weekend — Presented by Otterbox. The dates this year are slightly earlier due to the Easter holiday. Registration will open on August 28th, the same day as the Star Wars Virtual Half Marathon.

2019 Star Wars Rival Run Weekend | April 4-7, 2019
General Registration Tuesday August 28, 2018


PS: Registered for a race? Time to train (the hardest part)! Jeff Galloway, runDisney’s official running coach, provides complimentary training plans on the runDisney website here:

Looks like they made them generic this year, as opposed to race-specific as in past years.

Happy Training! Remember: Every Mile is Magic. Thanks for reading and until next time, Will Run for Disney!


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