Chicago Marathon Training Part V


I looked at a calendar and realized that the 2018 Chicago Marathon is less than 10 weeks away! That means I have 10 (or less!) long runs to go. I have to say, this weather is brutal. I’ve always had trouble in the heat and humidity, so I guess I’ve come a longer way than I realize, but training and heat combined are starting to get old.

Chicago Marathon Training Part V

Tommy and I booked our flights last week, and now I have to think about our itinerary for race weekend! It feels pretty odd not to have dining reservations booked 180 days in advance. 😛 This definitely isn’t Disney! In fact, it’s still too early for OpenTable anything. But I’m looking all the time!

This past week I made up for lost time from the following week. I did my treadmill class on Monday (I’m rockin’ my Skirt Sports skirt in the middle):



Two classes at The Bar Method for proper stretching and strength training:


And a couple rest days before the long run. I’ll admit, I could not get out of bed fast enough Saturday. Maybe it was fitness overload mixed with some fatigue but I just could not get myself to run. Instead I decided not to make myself feel too bad, rest, and prepare for a long Sunday run. I even took a long afternoon nap, so I guess I really needed it. I always listen to my body. If I’m not feeling it, I’m not going to risk it. Similarly, if I have something scheduled and I just feel exhausted or too sore, I’ll take an extra rest day. This has helped me with injury prevention, fatigue, and feeling burnt out. Listen to your body! 

After a lovely date night of Mediterranean tapas, I knew I had to wake up early the next morning. I didn’t sleep well, and woke up at 5:45am and jumped out of bed to get. it. done. 16 miles done.

I always feel like the first 6 miles is a warm-up. Anything past ten starts to get difficult. I went REALLY slowly to not get too tired too quickly, and I hit up every pharmacy for water and/or Gatorade, and doused myself in water at every public drinking fountain I could find. Towards the end of the run, another girl came up behind me on the path and joined me for my last three miles. It was just what I needed! I felt hot, tired, and my legs and feet had had it. I was so happy when it was over. I’m still a little sore two days later!

The self doubt starts to creep in for me right around this time in the training. 16 is a LOT but knowing you still have to conquer 10 additional miles on race day is disheartening. Why did I sign up for another marathon? I should be sleeping in and drinking rose all day like everyone else.

I know how important these weeks are, and they will absolutely prepare me with the base I need for race day. But it’s still hard to wrap your head around the fact that you will be running for so long. For the next several weeks. Argh. One week at a time, I suppose. I’m already thinking about my route for this week as I tackle 17 miles.

Despite all my complaining, I will not give up. I will read some motivational articles, reread my Bob Glover section about marathons, talk to other runners, and come up with some things to look forward to post-run.

Until next time,

Will Run for Disney / Chicago sights, sounds, and foods

PS: have you ever had these Untapped Pure Vermont Maple Syrup athletic fuels? They are delicious. Highly recommend.


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