August Intentions

August! I can’t believe it. My favorite part of the year is officially here: late summer, fall, and the holiday season. Woohoo! Here are my three goals to make the most of August:

August Intentions

Soak up the rest of summer

Tommy and I just booked a weekend getaway to Portland, Maine during Labor Day Weekend! I love the coast and I love northern New England. I can’t think of a better way to close out summer. Before that, though, I would like to squeeze every last bit of summer out on the water, decks and patios, and maybe even another trip to New Hampshire.


Two months away from the Chicago Marathon!

The training is real. I just completed by 17 mile run yesterday, and I am in great shape for the race. Flights and hotel are booked, itinerary made, and reservations have also been secured. It’s real, y’all! Time to hunker down and get those miles in to keep building that base. My plan may look a lot different from other training plans people are using, but ultimately we will all end up on the starting line together.

Prepare for the Fall (!!)

Fall is my absolute favorite time of year. It’s also on the busier side. Work and events pick up, the sun sets earlier, and the New England crisp weather comes out in full force. Fall, like Spring, never lasts long enough, but I’m hoping for a few perfect days here and there. I have a few weekend fall activities planned, including some trips to Salem, Massachusetts, one of my favorite places. Stay tuned!

Oh, and this coming weekend I will be heading to Walt Disney World! I’ve never actually been down to Orlando this time of year. Usually I take a summer hiatus because I can’t stand heat and humidity. But Boston hasn’t been much better this summer! I’m looking forward to it, and then next time I will be in Disney will be for the Food & Wine Festival and the Wine & Dine Half Marathon! Can’t wait. There’s plenty of sunshine heading my way these next few months!

What are your August intentions? 

Until next time,
Gina / Will Run for Disney

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