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Chicago Marathon Training Part VII: Taper Time & Reflection

“The hay is in the barn”, as they say.

Chicago Marathon Training Pt VI & Things I’ve Learned While Training for my Second Marathon


Less than six weeks to go in my Part VI review of my Chicago Marathon Training! I am reaching the APEX of my training, hitting 19 on Saturday, scaling back this weekend, and I’ll be back at it for the big 2-0. *GULP*

Chicago Marathon Training Part V


I looked at a calendar and realized that the 2018 Chicago Marathon is less than 10 weeks away! That means I have 10 (or less!) long runs to go. I have to say, this weather is brutal. I’ve always had trouble in the heat and humidity, so I guess I’ve come a longer way than I realize, but training and heat combined are starting to get old.

How To Run In The Cold: Top 8 Tips

It’s that time of year, friends! The days are shorter, colder, sometimes windier and snowier (if you live in the Northeast like me!) You’re registered for an upcoming winter/spring race and still have to get those miles in, so what’s the best way? Running outside! Find your inner adventurer and check out my top 8 tips for running in the cold.

WDW Marathon Training Update

Hi friends!

After an incredible Halloween and food-filled trip to Walt Disney World, I’m back in training mode. Last week was crazy busy at work and then I escaped to Disney early Friday morning. I’m embarrassed to say I took a full NINE days off of training! But guess what? I didn’t stress, and I got right back into it when I got home. And everything worked out! The moral of the story is, if you have to take days off whether it be for personal or professional reasons, don’t panic. Just pick up where you left off. Here’s what my week looked like: