WDW Marathon Training Update

Hi friends!

After an incredible Halloween and food-filled trip to Walt Disney World, I’m back in training mode. Last week was crazy busy at work and then I escaped to Disney early Friday morning. I’m embarrassed to say I took a full NINE days off of training! But guess what? I didn’t stress, and I got right back into it when I got home. And everything worked out! The moral of the story is, if you have to take days off whether it be for personal or professional reasons, don’t panic. Just pick up where you left off. Here’s what my week looked like:

WDW Training Week
October 29-November 5, 2017

Monday: Off. 8 miles avg. walking at Disney’s Hollywood Studios and Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Tuesday: Off. 8 miles avg. walking at the Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party!

Wednesday: Off. Travel Day

Thursday: 4.5 miles. 

Friday: strength training: barre class.

Saturday: 15 miles. My last run was 15 miles also, so technically I was ahead of schedule with my training plan. I was a bit slower this time around after multiple days off, but felt great. I actually didn’t hit the wall this time! I’m glad I am going to spend the next month working in this middle distance training. In my experience, the hardest miles to get through are 15-17. The more comfortable I can get in this region, the better. And my training plan only goes up to 20 miles so at this point I only need to add 5 more miles!

Sunday: Rest. And take out the air conditioners. It is officially fall/winter!

I plan to get back on track tomorrow and finish off the week strong. To everyone else training for the WDW Marathon, don’t compare your training to anyone else’s and don’t give up! We’re getting VERY close to race weekend and now is the time to show yourself and your loved ones what you are capable of accomplishing. We’re in this together!

Until next time- Happy Training!
Gina / Will Run for Disney


Samantha Santy

about 7 years ago

Nice week! I admire how you just took a break to enjoy your vacation without stressing over the runs. Are you doing Goofy/Dopey, or the marathon?


about 7 years ago

Hi Samantha! Thank you for your message. :) I'm doing the WDW Marathon (no Dopey or Goofy for me- yet!) I'm so excited to hopefully finish my first marathon. What about you?

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