Chicago Marathon Training Part VII: Taper Time & Reflection

“The hay is in the barn”, as they say.


I can’t believe the 2018 Chicago Marathon is two weeks away. When I reflect on my training season for this race, I have to remember that I started in MARCH to build up my base, I recovered and refocused after my first marathon the Walt Disney World Marathon in January, and braced myself through a grueling, hot, muggy summer. I ran my 20-mile training run with no problems, aches, or injuries. In fact, with the exception of some UNdiagnosed plantar fascia, I can proudly say that I have never been injured while training for an endurance race. And now, I taper.

Flights are booked, hotel accommodations are booked, dining reservations and loose itineraries have been made, and now it’s just a matter of obsessively checking the weather and (hopefully) smooth travel out and back. I cannot wait to run, eat, and drink my way through this great city with my Fiancé! Boy, that feels great to say, er, write. 🙂

When the time comes, follow my journey via my Instagram Story @willrunfordisneyblog! I will be sure to do a write up after the whirlwind weekend but for now, wish me luck on this taper, and I hope that my training has served me well enough to complete and be proud of my race on October 7.

Thanks for reading!

Gina / Will Run for Disney

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